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We believe in providing the Full Fit-Life Seamless Experience to our audience rather in Corporations, Gyms, or straight to our customers through variety of shops and online ordering.

It starts with a click on our web site on the customized nutrition plan based on his information and preferences then the schedule of meals one day, one week or one month ahead is set and ready.

We provide a core product of meals that’s ready for consumption saving our customers time also changing the old misconception of healthy food is a tasteless as our meals are extremely delicious.

Extra neat facility is being used along with the upmost hygiene procedures with our chefs and our products ingredients.

Meals can be set and ready based on the customer’s schedule and can be delivered to the address he prefers, or it can be picked up from our selling point within Gyms and various shops.

Its not only about the meals as we believe in a proper nutrition plan is a must also an exciting fitness plan/ classes is going to complete the package to complete the client Fit-Life Experience.

And here comes the cooperation between Zeus lifestyle by providing high quality, tasty meals at a very competent price partnering up with Samia Alouba as you shall be providing the Gym Classes, Nutrition Plans aiming to offer our customers the full fit life experience.

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