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Most people wish having a healthy lifestyle, yet its time, effort consuming and of a higher cost in addition to the classic misunderstanding of eating healthy is sacrificing the delicious taste.
Time aspect: most of us are engaged in the daily tasks most of our day, so we need our meals ready when we get our break time, let alone the nature of food to be healthy needs customization to the individual needs which means more time wasted.Effort aspect: having the correct diet start from an inbody then customized meal plan then sticking to the diet along with having physical activities, yet studies show that for the most part it’s mostly about nutrition.preparing meals can be tricky, needing to know what to eat and its portions then going throw the process of preparing the food and keeping it on hand for the correct timing of each meal, sound challenging, Huh?Cost aspect: having the knowledge to have the correct nutrition plan comes at a price also the food preparation along with a proper training plan if required all of these factors set a pricing obstacle as its more expensive than the regular food.Taste: there is a common misconception when it comes to healthy food that it must be tastelessYet its to the contrary as it can be super delicious if the correct ingredients used with micro/macro nutrients taken into calculation.

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